“I believe the American Dream in West Boise should be more than just be grateful you have a job.” Idaho has nearly the lowest average wage and highest percentage of minimum wage employees in America. I will work to attract and keep good paying jobs here in the greater Boise area.



“I believe education (public and higher) is the foundation for long-term economic growth in Idaho.” I will work to reprioritize existing resources to make Idaho among the top ten states admired for the quality of its public and higher education systems. Children and young adults must be prepared to succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy.

“I believe government plays an important, necessary role to provide vital services to honest, hard-working citizens who are truly in need.” I support Medicaid expansion. District 15 legislators have blocked this expansion for four years, costing taxpayers millions of dollars and putting the lives of over 80,000 Idahoans in jeopardy. I have visited the homes of many citizens in District 15 and have seen first-hand the harm these legislators are doing to them.


“I believe public lands should not be privatized and sold to the highest bidder” – and convenient public access to local riverfronts and surrounding wilderness areas must be protected. I will work to protect your right to enjoy the wonders and beauty that is Idaho – which is why so many of us want to live and raise our families here.


“I believe we must maintain the public’s trust in Idaho government. Elected officials and their appointees should be held accountable to the highest standards of ethical conduct.” I support the creation of an independent Ethics Commission, not one run by political colleagues hidden behind closed doors.


“I believe the government that governs best, governs smart.” Politicians who tell you they will make sure government does the least are setting your expectations too low. We don’t need bigger government; we need a government that will be smart with how it spends your tax dollars every day while also making smart investments for your future.

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