Steve Berch for District 15


I share the same values you do here in West Boise: honesty, hard work, personal responsibility and respect for others.

I want the same things you do:

A thriving local economy with good paying jobs and real career opportunities
Great schools that prepare our children and grandchildren for the future
Keeping families together so they don’t have to move out of state to find gainful employment
Leadership that brings people together by showing respect for others with different points of view

In 2013, you and your neighbors elected me to serve as a Director of the Greater Boise Auditorium District. In the six months since taking office I worked with my fellow Board members to initiate new investments that will result in millions of dollars of annual economic growth and will create hundreds of new jobs – all without raising taxes or spending your tax dollars (click here for more information). These are the types of results you should expect from your next District 15 Representative for West Boise.

I am running to restore our pride in Idaho. We have been let down by incumbent legislators who have led Idaho to be last in the nation in education, wages and basic social services. Electing the same people over and over again is not working. We can do better. It is time to elect proven leaders with new ideas who can bring people together and deliver the results you expect.

I ask for your vote to be your State Representative for District 15 this November. It would be an honor and a privilege to serve you.