Check Out What Local Leaders Say About Steve


Cecil Andrus

Idaho’s Former Governor

“Steve is a businessman who understands that education is the key to the development of jobs in our state. Give Steve the opportunity to represent you in the Idaho legislature.” (Idaho lost a great leader and statesman with the passing of former Governor Cecil Andrus on August 24, 2017. I was proud and honored to have earned his endorsement for my campaigns to represent District 15 in the Idaho Legislature, which he renewed when I last saw him in person on March 11, 2017. – Steve Berch)

Nate Mitchell

Mayor, City of Star (former)

“Steve Berch is an effective leader who reaches out to others to understand their perspective in order to make good decisions. I respect his ability and genuine commitment to public service for all his constituents. I am a life-long Republican and I encourage all Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike to elect Steve Berch to be their Representative in the Idaho Legislature.”

Maryann Jordan

Boise City Council & District 17 Senator

“Working together on neighborhood issues, I watched Steve strive for alternative solutions that would bring people together. This is the kind of thinking we need in the legislature to help move Idaho forward in difficult times.”

Tony Park

Former Idaho Attorney General

It is important to have representatives in our Legislature who appreciate the needs of our expanding urban community.  Steve Berch will bring that perspective to the Legislature.  He’s the right person for the job.

  • “I support Steve Berch because of his proven support for public education. Steve knows that Idaho will prosper only if we educate our children well today. Steve Berch will be a voice for our children as well as for our economy in the Idaho Legislature. I urge you to vote for Steve Berch in November.”

    Dr. Marilyn Howard Former Idaho State Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • “Steve is a strong advocate for education in Idaho and will work to make sure that education is adequately funded. I support Steve for the Idaho legislature and encourage you to vote for him this November.”

    Rory Jones Past President Boise School Board
  • "Meredith and I are supporting Steve Berch for the Idaho legislature.  We are long-time residents of the Treasure Valley and believe Steve will bring a balanced approach to addressing the vital issues facing Idaho, especially in the areas of education and economic growth.  Steve understands the importance of establishing a long-term vision and goals for the state, seeking out ideas and expertise, engaging his constituents, and collaborating with legislative colleagues.  Steve understands that short-term cost management must be balanced with prudent long-term investments that will benefit all Idahoans. We encourage everyone in District 15 to support and vote for Steve Berch this November.”

    Doug Carnahan Executive, Hewlett Packard Company (retired)
  • “Steve Berch understands that Idaho’s future prosperity depends not only on local companies being successful but on attracting new businesses with good-paying jobs in high-growth industries.  In both cases, investment in education that will deliver the skilled workforce these companies need is critical.  Steve also understands that tolerance for diversity is essential to ensure having the most effective work environment.  In my opinion, a more balanced state legislature that solves these fundamental needs is a basic requirement to move Idaho’s economy forward.  Steve’s leadership will be critical in making this happen.  Please support and vote for Steve Berch this November.”

    Richard Hackborn  Hewlett Packard Company, Executive & Director (Retired)
  • “As a native Idahoan and resident of District 15, I am pleased to support Steve Berch for Representative in the Idaho Legislature.  Steve was my running mate in 2012 and impressed me with his intelligence, work ethic, business acumen and leadership skills.  As a husband and father, Steve knows the importance of building strong and safe communities in which young and old alike can thrive and prosper. Steve is an independent thinker and problem-solver who can work with Republicans, Democrats and Independents to move Idaho forward.  I urge all my friends and neighbors in District 15 to join me in voting for Steve Berch this November.”  

    Betty H. Richardson Former United States Attorney for District of Idaho
  • "I am one of the founding directors of the West Valley Neighborhood Association. I became acquainted with Steve Berch when he was elected to the office of Vice-President and I was very impressed, not only with Steve's ability to collaborate with neighbors, businesses, and government to reach solutions to problems, but his efforts produced results that worked for everyone involved. Steve takes his responsibilities seriously and has demonstrated the talent and ability to bring people together to get the job done. As a long-time Republican and resident of District 15, I ask that you vote for Steve Berch to be our Representative in the Legislature.”    

    Don Alloway Commissioner, Boise Planning and Zoning Commission (former) & Founding Director, West Valley Neighborhood Association
  • “I am happy to endorse Steve Berch for State Representative in District 15. I've worked with Steve for many years on various projects, including as a fellow elected member to the Board of Directors for the Greater Boise Auditorium District.  Steve has demonstrated he can work with a diverse Board to help bring millions of dollars in economic growth to the Boise area – without raising taxes.  You can count on Steve to do a good job for his constituents, represent the residents of District 15 with distinction and be someone you will be proud to say is your State Representative.”  

    Hy Kloc State Representative - District 16
  • “I am endorsing Steve Berch’s campaign to serve in the Idaho State Legislature because I believe Steve is a person of good judgment and character. Steve understands that the education of our children must truly become a top priority, and I know he will support our public schools while respecting local control and parents’ desires for educational choice. Steve will help bring balance to the Legislature and accountability to state government. He will make decisions that are in the best interests of his constituents, not partisan politics. I believe Steve Berch is the right choice for District 15.”    

    A.J. Balukoff Businessman and community volunteer
  • "Steve has the skills that can make things happen.  He has the ability to reach across diverse groups and pull together the teamwork that gets things moving forward.  I recommend that you vote for him this November.”  

    Don Curtis Board of Directors, St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center (former) & Retired Naval Officer
  • “Over the years I have appreciated Steve Berch's ability to work with neighborhoods and the Ada County Highway District in a positive collaborative manner to find solutions that work best for everyone involved. His ability to listen and bring people together will serve his constituents well when representing them in the Idaho Legislature. Steve is truly involved in the community and has the positive energy it will take to be a good legislator. I encourage the voters in District 15 to vote for Steve Berch in November.”    

    John Franden Commissioner, Ada County Highway District (ACHD), former