I Believe...                                        

. . . You have the right to know the industrial chemicals being put in your drinking water.

The Legislature allowed industry lobbyists to write their own rules. These rules permitted the oil and gas industry to inject potential cancer-causing chemicals in your drinking water without having to disclose what those chemicals are. I will work to better balance the needs of industry with the safety of our citizens.

. . . The government that governs best governs smart. Candidates who tell you they will govern the least are setting your expectations too low.

We don’t need bigger government; we need smart government that knows how to balance cost today with wise investments for our future. The citizens of Idaho deserve more than the very least from their legislators.

. . . The American Dream in West Boise should be more than “just be grateful you have a job.”

Idaho ranks 49th in the nation for per capita personal income. I will work to make Idaho more competitive with other states so we can keep good paying jobs in Boise – and bring new ones here.

. . . Education is the foundation for sustained economic growth in Idaho.

Idaho ranks at the bottom of states for students attending and graduating college. I will work to make Idaho among the most admired for the quality of its education system (public and higher). We must prepare our children to succeed in a competitive global economy.

. . . Government should not force unnecessary medical procedures on anyone – and never against their will.

This is not the role of government. The legislature is threatening to pass the mandatory ultrasound bill in 2013. I will work to defeat this legislation which is an affront to all women.

. . . We must restore the public’s trust in government. Elected officials and their appointees should be held to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

I support creating  an independent Ethics Commission (similar to what over 40 other states have adopted).