A Community Leader
A Concerned Citizen

Representing West Boise (District 15) Values

Honesty • Personal Responsibility • Respect for Others • Hard Work

Focusing on the Issues Important to All of Us . . .

Our Economy

A thriving local economy with good paying jobs and real career opportunities is essential to our future. We must expand our economy by supporting our startup community while attracting new businesses with good paying jobs.

Great schools

High-quality public schools are essential to our communities. This includes early childhood education, public education, and higher education. I am committed to improving education in Boise and throughout Idaho.

Public Lands

Our public lands represent Idaho’s heritage. We must work with land managers to protect Boise’s clean air and water. Idaho’s public lands must be responsibly managed so that our children and grandchildren enjoy the same access to hiking, hunting, and fishing.

Constituent Services

Legislators should serve the people they represent and I will work with other agencies to help you resolve problems. Legislators have a duty to assist constituents by working with city, county, school district, highway district and other governing entities.

Vital services

Our government must provide vital services for honest, hard-working citizens who are truly in need while ensuring our systems protect us from fraud and waste.

Respectful Leadership

We need leadership that will bring people together by respecting others with different points of view. We need leaders who value transparency and communication with constituents.